Based on
FUSION ENC Co., Ltd.,’s
experience in
technology and machinery,

Founded in 2017, we are currently concentrating on
developing automation equipment field and logistics-type
robot vehicle driving mechanism technology and control
technology of assist factory, which is a next-generation
technology, starting with the development and production
of vehicle-related solution models. Based on these
experiences and trust in the technology field, we strive
to grow as your solution partner.
Thank you.

Corporate Philosophy

FUSION ENC Co., Ltd. seeks to establish an environment in which humans and robots can collaborate in a harmonious, safe workspace and create more efficient results in the rapidly changing industrial robot market along with technological development. We aim to become a trusted company by developing into a first-class company in Korea and abroad through leading new technologies.

  • Cooperation

  • New Technology

  • Reliability

Operational Process

  • STEP 01

    Business Consultation
    Based on various experiences, we discuss important design and production of the product from the beginning of the basic design

  • STEP 02

    Design and Development
    Time for design and development is shortened by directly reflecting the customer's requirements as the person who consults the client designs the product.

  • STEP 03

    Part Manufacturing and Assembly
    High-precision parts manufacturing and product assembly through self-processing and outsourcing management

  • STEP 04

    Test and Inspection
    Self-test and inspection reflecting customer requirements after product assembly is complete.

  • STEP 05

    Operation during delivery and installation
    During delivery and on-site set-up, adjustment is completed to reflect improvements after operation

Based on experience and
trust in the technology field,
strives to
grow as your solution partner.